What is this Travelling Nerd business?

So, my wife and I are having a conversation while driving from our home in Chattanooga to Pigeon Forge, and I mention that it would be kind of cool if we could get paid to travel around and just write reviews about places.

This kind of stuck in my head all along that trip. So much so, that after I got home, I decided to see about maybe getting a domain and starting a blog. I certainly don’t expect this blog to pay us for travelling around, but maybe I can have a little fun documenting our travels – when we get to have them. Someday, that dream might become more of a reality. As we decide to take any trips I (and maybe my wife, as well) will document a bit of that trip and let you all know how things went and what we did or didn’t like.

Why Travelling Nerd, you may be asking. Well, I am a bit of a nerd, I would say. I write software for a living, love to play video games, and it’s entirely possible that one of these posts could be about a sci-fi or comic book convention trip. I couldn’t really think of a better moniker to describe exactly what I would like to be.

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