What awaits our Heroes?

NerdMom here to report that our weekly Pathfinder D&D game takes place tomorrow. I have to agree with our other player that I look forward to having this gaming session all week. It allows me to delve into the world of imagination and getting to be someone else other than a Mom, wife or employee for just a few hours.

I am the type of gamer who gets really attached to my characters. It takes me forever to create a character because I put a lot of thought into them. What they look like, how they behave, how others will see them. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted my first Pathfinder character to be, but I finally made a decision from the many awesome choices and I began to create Majet, my Gnome Bard.

Unfortunately while I was rolling stats for poor Majet, my dice decided to hate me and roll very poorly. I was not pleased with her beginning stats but she was level 1 and I knew there would be plenty of room for improvement as levels were reached. I began to get excited as she began to unfold on paper. We got her finished up and she was printed out for me to put into my nice neat character sleeves and place into my binder.

The first game session was great! Even though our party only consisted of two members, we survived. There were some close calls, but Majet was meant to see further adventures. As we began the second session we didn’t think our strategy through very well at all. In fact, I’m not sure you could really call it a “strategy”. We headed into a battle with the “boss” of the quest we were on. We managed to take out the guards with some struggle but we did it. However, once the Oracle fell and Majet was left to take on the big bad all by herself. I began to think that my little Gnome was not going to survive this encounter. She mustered all her courage and stomped up the stairs to meet her nemesis. He stood at the top of the tower and was waiting for me. Once Majet reached the top, she tried to reason with him. Saying that they didn’t have to fight. Well, that was not the avenue she should have pursued with him and he took her out quickly with very little resistance. My poor little Gnome lay dead on the ground and there was not a Cleric to be found anywhere to revive her tiny spirit. I almost cried as I realized that she was really gone.

Our DM gave us the option to either allow those characters to be “captured” and continue the story line, or to make new characters. Unhappy with the stat rolls I had on Majet, I opted to make a new character in the hopes that my stat rolls would be better. Our other player opted to do the same in order to try out a new character type. Characters are like Pokemon to him, he’s gotta try them all.

I decided that this time around I was making a Cleric. I would not allow another party member to fall from lack of healing power. That is how Arianne was born. She was made with love and a need for healing. She is a half elf who loves travel and helping people she meets. She boarded a ship with the hopes of helping those in need abroad. Her wish was granted. After quite some time of travel, there were plenty of people in need. However, they were not just sick or hurt people in some distant land. They were the other travelers on the ship! One night as they sat down to dinner in the galley, something strange happened and they awoke on an island.

Shipwrecked on an island with very few provisions and with a group of people that she had only known for a short while, Arianne was beginning to see that this was going to be a challenge. A small group of the surviving travelers decided to explore parts of the island to find provisions and to scout for danger and food. Provisions were found, danger was around every corner and once the danger was defeated there was plenty of food! What do our adventurers find on the island? Well, giant crabs were on the menu one evening. I think we ended up with 200 pounds of crab meat from those kills. Giant flying dinosaurs were also on the menu one evening. That meat smelled delicious as it was being smoked. It smelled so good that a group of cannibals came out of the jungle and attacked our encampment. Lord, why did that have to happen on Arianne’s watch?

We moved our encampment and another small group of adventurers went out exploring. We have run across many obstacles, but have defeated our enemies valiantly! Arianne made sure her companions were healthy along the way and the adventure continues.

So what awaits our group tomorrow. More scouting and more exploration. I’m not sure I want to know what other creatures live on this island however. A little bird mentioned something about giant spiders? Seriously? I knew I should have purchased that can of Raid and a torch before we left port!!

To be continued…….

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