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At the end of this school year, the last week of May, we’ve been planning on taking a vacation to Orlando, Florida. We want to tour Disney World and some of the related attractions. We only live about 9 hours away and though that is quite an impressive drive, we plan on doing this road trip style.

The Point exteriorWe’ve reserved a room at The Point Orlando Resort for the whole week. It’s a suite with a separate bedroom and living area. The couch in the living area folds out for a full or queen bed. This seems like an ideal setup for us. WeOne Bedroom Floorplan have a child and he will get the whole living area as a bedroom, basically, while we get a private room for ourselves. Additionally, the suite has a full kitchen. So we don’t have to spend as much on food for breakfasts, at least, since we’ll have the kitchen to prepare food. It’s entirely likely that both lunch and dinner would be at Disney World. And, since my wife is on a special One Bedroom Interiordiet, she can prepare foods that she will need to eat while we are there. There’s even a washer and dryer in the room in case we need to make use of them. Considering how easily the little one can find anything that stains cloths and immediately sit or play in it, we may well need to make use of them. Overall, the room looks beautiful and I can’t wait to see what it looks like in person.

Of course, the main attraction of this trip is to visit Disney World. Despite the relative proximity we live to Orlando, none of us have ever been to Disney World before. We’re planning on purchasing 7-day tickets for the week. After accounting for a day to travel down and a day to travel back, that still leaves a full day not spent in a Disney park.  While researching attractions in the area, we spotted the Pirates Dinner Adventure . We definitely want to try this out while we are there. As a bonus, it happens to be just a few blocks from our hotel.

Otherwise, we’re still deciding if we need another attraction to visit on that extra day or if we might just use it to relax – maybe sit by the hotel pool and just chill. If you have any suggestions for any out of the ordinary or must see places in the Orlando area, please let us know.

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  1. Ccochrandesign says:

    Recommend MGM or Universal also – you can do either of those in a day. 

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