Updates – Long Overdue

So, it’s been quite some time since we last posted anything. It’s not from lack of a desire to do more posts, by any means. It has been pretty crazy lately. Those of you who follow us on Facebook or Twitter probably already know some of what has happened recently, but for those of you (the few of you that may be following us, anyway) that aren’t also following us there, I’ll try to summarize the past few weeks.

Our little Pathfinder weekly game came to an abrupt halt when one of the players had real life issues come up preventing them from being available on the days we normally play. Unfortunately, we also couldn’t find another day that worked for all of us, so we put the game on hold until such a time as we can coordinate schedules again. It’s a shame, too, because we were all having a blast seeing where things would go with those characters.

We’ve recently made two trips to California. One trip was just NerdMom while the other was the whole family. Normally, this would be a great boon for a blog like this, but because the reason for the trip was a sick relative and a funeral, it didn’t really lend itself well to a travel post. Not that I didn’t encourage it, as I thought perhaps writing about the experience would be cathartic. But I certainly wouldn’t press the issue.

Unfortunately, those unplanned trips mean that the one we did have planned, to Orlando and Disney World in a bit more than a month now, has to be postponed. Hopefully, we’ll use all the planning we’ve done this year for a trip next year.

Which brings up another topic: the theme of this blog. Our original intentions were to be able to take some short trips throughout the year (as we love to do) and probably one pretty big trip (like the Disney World trip). Since our plans have changed, we thought we might want to change the blog up a bit, as well. You may well see general technology, gaming, and other topics of interest to us in future posts. We definitely don’t want the blog to just stagnate but we are not terribly likely to be able travel as much as we originally wanted in the near future, either. So, if we branch out a bit, topic-wise, we can probably offer more posts. At least, that’s the plan.

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