Total Party Kill

As you might guess by the title of the post, the Pathfinder game on Sunday didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped. It was a good session and I think in the end my players enjoyed themselves, but, unfortunately, it seems the Big Bad at the end of the module was a bit too much for only two PC’s.

It’s always a fine line judging between what the party can handle and what might result in their untimely demise, even under the best of circumstances. Since I only have two players, at the moment, judging exactly where that line should be is often less to do with judging and much more to do with guessing. Sunday, I guessed poorly.

When my intrepid duo, a gnome bard (with the Sandman archetype) and human oracle (Mystery of Bones,) took on Nessian, the future crime lord of Absolom – or at least, that was his desire – they were laid low. So, it seems Nessian has a good chance of succeeding in his goals. Part of the issue, and likely, the main reason my PCs didn’t make it against Nessian is they misunderstood that they would have the opportunity to rest before that encounter. I could have sworn I had made that apparent and they had chosen to rush off to deal with Nessian, but rather, it seems, they thought not doing so right away would have triggered other events that could have destroyed the city.

And I have to give a bit of blame to bad rolls. It happens occasionally, that regardless of how good the characters are or how well prepared the party may be, a long run of bad rolls can bring even the best of them down. At the same time, I had a pretty good run of rolls. I’m the type to simply let the dice land where they may, but possibly I should have fudged a bit in favor of the players this time around.

So, alas, they were both brought down. I gave them the chance to have been captured and keep the characters they had or make new characters. They opted for the latter, and I now have a half-elven cleric of Sarenrae and an elven Monk. Fortunately, I had decided last week that I wanted to try out one of the Pathfinder adventure paths – Serpent’s Skull – and this change of cast was the perfect opportunity to fold these new characters directly into this adventure path.

Now my little group of adventurers are shipwrecked on the not very deserted isle of Smuggler’s Shiv and have begun to explore the dangerous island and get to know their fellow castaways. All in all, I still think it was a good session.

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2 Responses to Total Party Kill

  1. Whobypowder says:

    Don’t do serpents skull its boring and quite easy

    • Hmm, well, I guess we’ll see how my group feels about it after it’s done. I’ll do a review when we’ve finished it – or if we decide to branch off into something home brewed because it’s boring as you say. I’ll be sure to include player feedback, too.

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