Super Bowl-less Sunday!

While everyone in the world was watching the Giants vs the Patriots, I was watching the Adventurer’s vs the Smuggler’s Shiv. My tiny group of two had grown into a small group of four this week. I guess I must be doing something right, as pure word of mouth encouraged new players to my table. As my tales of this adventure continue, I’d like to warn all of my readers that it’s entirely possible that I may spoil the ending or details you may not want to know. Continue at your own risk if you plan to ever play this adventure path.

After another six hours or so of gaming goodness, my little group has nearly uncovered the treasure on Ishirou’s map. Along the way, they’ve snaked their way through the jungle and along the coast of the inner bay of the island. They’ve dealt with giant crabs, a small exploratory group of cannibals, the difficult terrain of the island’s interior, a giant constrictor snake, and Captain Kinkirkian’s ghost. In fact, I may have foreshadowed the Captain’s ghost a bit too strongly. By the time the group had the locket and the Captain’s ghost appeared in their camp, they instinctively knew to show him the locket. That was perhaps the easiest encounter they will likely defeat on the island.

Towards the end of this session, one of my player’s remarked that he was really enjoying this game. Saying that he looks forward to this game all week long. So, either Pathfinder has a winning system or I’ve managed to really tell the story of Smuggler’s Shiv very well. I’m hoping it’s the latter, but I’m glad that the class redesign and various advanced options in Pathfinder has let my players customize their characters exactly how they would like them.

With any luck, NerdMom may really have some time to add her thoughts one of these days. I know I teased her before about possibly offering her own insight from a player’s perspective, but she just hasn’t had the opportunity to put something together since then. Perhaps some of your encouragement could help persuade her? Feel free to let us know if you’d like to have her provide the player’s side of this game.

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