Can Social Media Make A Real Difference? City Of Heroes Players Hope So

Well, I’m rather hoping it does. Personally, I’d love to see a fully crowd-sourced version of this game make an appearance after NCSoft’s rather odd marketing decision to close down the game. via Facebook

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Updates – Long Overdue

So, it’s been quite some time since we last posted anything. It’s not from lack of a desire to do more posts, by any means. It has been pretty crazy lately. Those of you who follow us on Facebook or …

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The Perfect Tablet For Travelling

I don’t currently own a tablet, but have been seriously looking at the possibility of purchasing one, especially for our upcoming trip to Disney World. We both own smart phones, so we wouldn’t be disconnected on our trip, by any …

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A Cannibal Here, A Cannibal There

This past weekend, our small band of intrepid adventurers made their way all the way down to the southwest corner of Smuggler’s Shiv and discovered the base camp of the marauding cannibals that are now native to the island. It’s …

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