New Year’s Eve Trip

On New Year’s Eve, my wife and I found ourselves in the rather unique situation of having both a sitter for our little boy and the funds available to go do something special for the holiday. We thought of several different options. Visit a local club and maybe watch the ball drop while belting out some karaoke, maybe jet down to Atlanta and find something to do with the evening there, or something else?

The first option was my wife’s suggestion. She loves karaoke. I’m not nearly as brave as she is, even though she says I have a nice voice. Regardless, that option didn’t sound too exciting for me.

Spending the evening in Atlanta sounded somewhat appealing. Though neither of us could really think on anything specific we wanted to do there. Just randomly driving to Atlanta and hoping to find something to do could prove problematic.

I was really looking for something like an outdoor market or craft fair to walk around and just browse at everything. Of course, nothing like the sort was happening on New Year’s Eve. However, my wife thought of Pigeon Forge. It’s not exactly a craft fair, to say the least, but there are tons of little shops and oddities of all types to see in Pigeon Forge.

After searching around for hotel rooms that might possibly be available on short notice on New Year's Eve 12-31-2011 9-55-09 PMNew Year’s Eve, I managed to find a fairly nice deal at the Country Hearth Inn. I didn’t get any pictures of the room itself, but it was definitely adequate, especially since we were only staying the one night there, anyway. It’s not necessarily a place I might want to spend an extended stay, but that’s more personal preference than anything. The room contained a mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, iron, blow dryer, and the standard amenities you would expect to find.

We arrived in Pigeon Forge close to dinner time and the traffic was horrendous. SeveralNew Year's Eve 12-31-2011 7-13-15 PM years ago, we visited Pigeon Forge as an anniversary trip. When we went through then, the traffic was likewise, horrible. It’s perhaps just a common theme about the main ‘strip’ in Pigeon Forge. Regardless, we decided to eat at the restaurant across the street from our hotel – as driving anywhere else was not an option. Tony Roma’s was excellent, with excellent service, as well. We obviously arrived at just the right time, too, as we only had to wait 30 minutes to be seated, despite there being tons of people in the area, many of which were eating here.

After dinner we decided to check out the Christmas carnival going on outside of theNew Year's Eve 12-31-2011 9-55-33 PM Smoky Mountain Opry next door to Tony Roma’s. The picture here was actually taken from our hotel balcony. Among the attractions at this cute little carnival were a ferris wheel, a dancing bear teacup type ride, a little train, carousel, and a giant slide. We didn’t ride all of them, and it was really starting to get cold. Once the sun went down, the temperature started to plunge. So, after only an New Year's Eve 12-31-2011 7-08-39 PMhour or so of playing at the carnival, we decided to head into the nearby Wonderworks attraction. Wonderworks is sort of half arcade and half science exhibit. As you can see from the photo on the left, the outside of the building is designed to look like an upside down mansion. In fact, as you approach the front, sound of the mansion groaning are played through load speakers. It’s a fun looking place. We were both rather exhausted and cold by that point, though, so we really didn’t do much more than browse around the gift shop and look around a bit.

We returned to the hotel after Wonderworks and waited for the ball to drop, celebrating the new year together. Below you can see all of our pictures from our New Year’s Eve trip to Pigeon Forge.

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4 Responses to New Year’s Eve Trip

  1. Karen Adams says:

    Cool way to share your adventures, thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love you new blog! Great Pictures… Good Luck you your new venture in this new year!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing.  Hope to hear about all your adventures.  JustWanderlust

  4. NerdDad says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone!

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