Did you see that Rat with wings?

ratwithwingsArianne and her companions had quite a busy few days of adventuring recently. Our exploration group managed to completely explore the area marked on Ishirou’s map where the treasure was buried. Unfortunately it proved to be a tad difficult when we discovered that the 10ft wide shaft dropped off into a waterway that we had to swim through in order to discover the area where the treasure was located. Arianne has many redeeming qualities, however swimming is not one of them. Every time there is an encounter with water (which is a lot since we’re on an island), she struggles to keep herself from drowning. She was never taught to swim as a child, now she wishes she’d listened when those lessons were being given.

The treasure was claimed by our exploration party and each of us had moments of failed swim checks or issues with ghouls giving us “ghoul fever”. Our dwarf Morgryn was almost lost to the water due to paralysis, however he came to at the last moment and was able to save himself. We finally made our way out of the shaft and back onto solid land. By the time we identified our treasure and counted all the coins, it was time to make camp and sleep. It had been a busy day. Plus if we had to listen to any more complaining from the Gnome Summoner Abroshtor we were going to push him back into the shaft and seal it!

Night passed uneventfully and we were able to make a good start the next day. Morgryn takes us back to the original base camp to collect our other companions (NPC’s who have all the rest of our loot and meat). We explain that we need to move camp to a more centralized location and we get started on that endeavor.

Sasha, our ranger, shows us a trail that she followed while she was looking for the Captain of our ship and his lover who had gone missing and their bodies were not found. She lost the trail at a certain point and had no further instructions, however Morgryn was able to pick up the trail and was able to lead us further. We came across numerous traps which we either disarmed or easily avoided. We came upon a gorge that looked ominous to Arianne but the party continued forward. Morgryn flew up into the air and we realized he was caught in a trap and was being pulled up the side of the gorge. Our party made quick work of helping Morgryn and killing the cannibal that had snared him. After that bit of fun, we decided to continue exploring. As we moved on we came upon a Shiv lizard. He was angry and huge. It took a bit, but once defeated he made us 150 pounds of lizard jerky!

At this point night was falling. We had no choice but to make camp where we were right off the path in the jungle. We arranged watches so that some could sleep while others kept our safety in mind. Of course during the night something happened and all of a sudden we were attacked by a war party of cannibals. Oh my lord, there were 10 of them. They were armed and rushed us without fear. We managed to kill 7 of them, however 3 of them managed to escape. This is not good. We tried to follow but didn’t want to give too much chase due to not wanting to raid their encampment when it was dark and they would have the advantage of knowing the area. We moved our little camp and tried to settle back in for the remaining part of the night.

During combat it’s not unusual to see the summoner with his Eidolon or summoning various creatures to fight for him. However Arianne also has the ability to summon creatures to fight for Sarenrae’s Glory. During the encounter in the gorge Arianne summoned a creature. It was a dire rat but this was no ordinary dire rat. This was a Celestial dire rat. Picture pure white dire rat with gold eyes and wings. Yes I said wings like an angel (just rat sized angel wings). It could fly. I’m sorry but if I saw a winged white rat with gold eyes flying towards me, I think I’d run too. Unfortunately the cannibal was being grappled by Everius our Monk and wasn’t getting anywhere. Everyone had a good laugh about the angelic rat that was causing disease and could smite evil.

No one died, we came close but Arianne always made sure that she was able to heal those in need. However we realize that the upcoming morning is going to be a dangerous one, especially if our escaped cannibals have gone to get reinforcements. We might have a big problem on ours hands in the near future. I can only imagine that it’s going to take everything we have to defeat what may be coming for us. I’m sure Abrashtor will have plenty to complain about soon enough, I think I’m going to figure out a way to learn the silence spell now before he gets himself killed!

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