An Artful Eye

This past Sunday my family and I decided to go on a small in town adventure. My husband had noticed that there was an art showing at the Chattanooga Choo Choo and asked if that would be something I would be interested in. Of course it would, I love art! I have always wished I was artistic, but it is not to be. Therefore I can enjoy the craft through other’s hands. We decided to make that our destination of the day with good spirits and curiosity of what artwork we could find.

It was a showing of local “starving” artists who needed to get their work out there and make some profit in the process. As we walked into the area where the art was being shown, I was surprised at how many people were gathered. It was making looking at the art a bit difficult with constant stops and squeezing around other buyers. The sign on the door stated “Nothing over $69″, so these prints were definitely within our price range. I started to get excited! Now to find something that called to me.

The walls in our home are bare, with a couple of exceptions, a calendar here a shelf there. I have always wanted to purchase an art piece to display in my home since I became an adult, but never had the funds to do so. I was always of the opinion that all art was expensive and beyond my means. Browsing around there were so many beautiful pieces to choose from, I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. I knew that when a piece “spoke” to me that I would know it needed a good home. Well we ended up giving three pieces a good home in the process. 2 medium sized prints and a smaller print.

Country ApplesThe first print is of a group of apples, both red and green, gathered together on a brick surface. This print called to me for our kitchen area because I have always wanted my kitchen decorated in the “country apple” design. My husband agreed and it came home with us.

The second print was a beautiful Autumn landscape scene. It is set along a river with trees  Autumn Landscapefull of fall foliage and small outcroppings of stones and grasses. I loved the colors of fall that this picture used and I thought it would go beautifully in our living room. The walls are painted in a warm tone that reminds me of the color of honey mustard. Not quite yellow or brown or gold, but a nice blend of all.

Garden FlowersThe third print was the smaller one that I just thought was cute. It’s a trio of flower pots with spring flowers in them. I love flowers and I thought that the depiction was girly and beautiful. I’m not sure where this little beauty will be hung, but I’m sure it’ll probably be close to my desk so I can always have beautiful flowers to look at.

After our expenditure at the art show, we decided to take in some lunch. We left the car parked at the Choo Choo and took the shuttle bus further into downtown. We decided to go to the Mellow Mushroom. My son loves pizza so I figured this would be a great place to go to get our grub on.

After the delicious lunch, we decided to go to Target to pick up some picture hangers for our new artwork. We joked about how “grown up” we were because we bought “real” art together. We picked up a few other things we needed and headed home to end our little jaunt out and about our great city.

We were tired but happy by the end of the day. I didn’t get all the housework done I wanted to get done and there were probably things I should have been doing instead, but I am really glad we went out to enjoy some art and spend time together as a family!

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  1. Cool artwork! I’ve always wanted to explore Chattanooga more.

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