A Cannibal Here, A Cannibal There

This past weekend, our small band of intrepid adventurers made their way all the way down to the southwest corner of Smuggler’s Shiv and discovered the base camp of the marauding cannibals that are now native to the island.

It’s taken them many days travel to reach this point and along they way they have successfully navigated dangerous traps left by the cannibals, more of the native and deadly natural predators of Smuggler’s Shiv, and the over oppressive heat and humidity of the island. I believe I’ve been doing a fair job of describing the natural conditions of the island, to the point that when I mention the daily deluge of rain that my players actually groan.

At this point, they have discovered the trail of Ieana and the Captain of the Jenivere and have followed that trail to the lair of the cannibals. They took nice precautions leading up to and actually invading the cannibal camp. As a result, they were able to pick off most of the cannibals around the camp in small groups of around four each. A small enough group to make it manageable. They also were able to totally surprise the cannibal’s witch and defeat her without any real issue. This part saddened me a bit, I thought she might prove a more interesting encounter than she turned out to be, but alas, my PC’s were very cautious and took her completely unaware of what was happening to the rest of the camp.

I had the cannibal leader, appear on the balcony of the lighthouse after the group had dispatched the witch and spot the group making their way back into the main section of the camp. This fight could have proven to be a very difficult encounter, as the cannibal leader is a rather potent combatant. However, he has been duped into believing he needs to cover himself in the blood of his enemies in order to maintain his virility. Because of this, he stops after wounding the first PC to stoop and drench his hand with blood to smear on his face and chest. The group was fairly well placed when he decided to do that and nearly took him out when he provoked from most of them at once. So, he was put down rather quickly, as it turns out. Perhaps providing less of a challenge than the witch, even.

When we left off for the evening, they group was about to investigate what they believe to be a privy pit in the middle of the camp. Once the camp is secure, though, it will prove a very defensible location to finally make a permanent camp until the group can be rescued. Of course, repairing the light house could make signaling a passing ship a rather trivial task. Assuming, of course, they survive what awaits below and what other dangers lurk on the island before they can be rescued.

Stay tuned…

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